Mightier Than the Sword (Book 5)


Mightier than the Sword opens with an IRA bomb exploding during the MV Buckingham’s maiden voyage across the Atlantic—but how many passengers lose their lives?

When Harry Clifton visits his publisher in New York, he learns that he has been elected as the new president of English PEN, and immediately launches a campaign for the release of a fellow author, Anatoly Babakov, who’s imprisoned in Siberia. Babakov’s crime? Writing a book called Uncle Joe, a devastating insight into what it was like to work for Stalin. So determined is Harry to see Babakov released and the book published, that he puts his own life in danger.

His wife Emma, chairman of Barrington Shipping, is facing the repercussions of the IRA attack on theBuckingham. Some board members feel she should resign, and Lady Virginia Fenwick will stop at nothing to cause Emma’s downfall.

Sir Giles Barrington is now a minister of the Crown, and looks set for even higher office, until an official trip to Berlin does not end as a diplomatic success. Once again, Giles’s political career is thrown off balance by none other than his old adversary, Major Alex Fisher, who once again stands against him at the election. But who wins this time?

In London, Harry and Emma’s son, Sebastian, is quickly making a name for himself at Farthing’s Bank in London, and has proposed to the beautiful young American, Samantha. But the despicable Adrian Sloane, a man interested only in his own advancement and the ruin of Sebastian, will stop at nothing to remove his rival.

Jeffrey Archer’s compelling Clifton Chronicles continue in this, his most accomplished novel to date. With all the trademark twists and turns that have made him one of the world’s most popular authors, the spellbinding story of the Clifton and the Barrington families continues.

  1. james collins says:

    does anyone know what the title of #6 will be?

    • greta says:

      I thought it was a 5 book series, but the ending left me wondering IF maybe Sir JA will write number6!!! I hate books to end like that, second one I have read in the last week. However he is one of my favourite authors

      • AMIT M says:

        Well greta, now Sir JA touring India and he confirmed instead of 5 book series it is going to 7 book series saga. So no need to worry what happen next and what was there in the letter from Major Alex Fisher that Lady Virginia stole.

      • pat says:

        excellent book- couldn’t put it down- read in 3 days–when is book #6 available and what is the name

    • Vivienne says:

      Well you don’t have to buy it, Jill. Personally I’ve enjoyed the 5 books so much I’m thrilled that there will be 2 more!

    • I was also disappointed in the ending. We have to wait until next year to find out what happens.

  2. Craig Smith says:

    There are more? I thought it was a 5-book series. I suppose that explains the weird ending.

  3. I look up from my desk and there above me on an upper book shelf are the 4 pre-sequels to “Mightier than the Sword”! I refuse to give up all hope on Harry His Wife and Son as they battled wise and strong against the jealousy and Envy of Others!
    I cannot wait to read this next part of their journey!

  4. caroline webster says:

    loved it read it in a week and one day roll on next book hope it wont take a year best one so far

  5. Nedzad says:

    I am sorry to say that this book was the major disappointment. Archer is one of my favourite authors and I read all his books (and loved them). Unfortunately, “Be Careful What You Wish For” to some extent and now “Mightier Than the Sword” to full extent look more like soap operas than the great literary work that we received in the past from Archer.

  6. Charles Hangley says:

    Terrific read. I finished it in two days. I felt like such a fool, yelling out the odd “Noooo!” or “Wonderful!” in an empty room — only to hear my wife admonish “Don’t tell me!” from another room.

  7. AMIT M says:

    Jessica reborn !!!

  8. Bruce B says:

    I loved it! Thanks, Mr. Archer, for another great read. Few authors are capable of such incredible character development. I do have a minor question for you or your fans….and I don’t think it’s a spoiler question. In a previous book, didn’t Major Fisher add glass or something to jars of Bingham’s fish paste? What was the result of that action? It might have been briefly mentioned in this book, but did I miss something? Looking forward to book #6. Please keep us posted!

  9. Sharon H says:

    Loved this story Mr Archer and cannot believe how you can write so many different variations that keep me on the edge of my seat and unable to put a volume of this series down, Good thing I’m retired. It is just so challenging to have to wait so long to find out ‘what happens next’ as you so deliberately leave us up in the air!

  10. AMIT M says:

    Got a signed copy of “MIGHTIER THAN THE SWORD ” from Mr Archer while he was on tour in India for the publication of the book.

  11. AMIT M says:

    I have got one question for you Mr Archer, you haven’t mention a word about Maisie Clifton why is it so? Is it because you forget to mention about her or is it that harry don’t care to tell her what’s going in his life or aleast visit her to see how’s she is ?

  12. Sandy CLark says:

    I was hoping book 5 would end it – please make book 6 the end. I can’t stand this lack of closure. The series is great, but one can get too much of a good thing – then it becomes banal.

  13. Susan Chapman says:

    Couple of points that could be cleared up prior to publication of the paperback:
    Sebastian says repeatedly that he has written to Sam several times but has had no reply. (EX. page 209) Then on page 215, he says he has no idea where Sam is living or how he could find her. So where did he mail letters?????

    Also, after tracking her down to a private elementary school, the headmistress asks his name to which his reply was, “I’d rather not.” He then left without disclosing his name. Later she calls him in England. Maybe some clarity on how she learned who he was and how she tracked him down.

  14. Geoff Thomas says:

    What a fantastic read as usual. Problem is that it’s a 12 month wait for the next instalment.

  15. Sheila Pulham says:

    Great read now I have to wait until 2016 for the next one. Keep it up Sir J A

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